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Region 17 is pleased to announce our annual webcast for the 2023 Competition! The webcast is free and donations are gratefully accepted so we can continue to offer this to our community. 

Quartet and Chorus Patterns with onstage times are listed below.

Donations are accepted for this webcast by using our Pay Pay link -- found on this page. You do not need to be a member of Pay Pal to send us a donation. Links remain available after the event through International competition.


Quartet Contest Webcast


Chorus Contest Webcast


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Shoutouts are free and will be read during the competition for your favorite competitor. Use your shout out to encourage donations to our webcast and let your favorite competitors know you are in their corner!



Quartet Competition Times: Friday, May 12th

While we would love to have you stay for the whole contest, please allow yourself extra time before and after the listed on stage time of your favorite quartets and choruses so you don't miss them! Download Quartet Pattern    Download Chorus Pattern

Emcee starts at 4:00 pm

Lucille (mic testers) On Stage: 4:04 pm
1 - Ladies First Quartet On Stage: 4:16 pm
2 - Blue Phoenix Quartet On Stage: 4:27 pm
3 - Sublime Quartet On Stage: 4:38 pm
4 - Sticky Notes Quartet On Stage: 4:49 pm
5 - Mayhem Quartet On Stage: 5:00 pm
6 - Final Cut Quartet On Stage: 5:11 pm
7 - Party Favors Quartet On Stage: 5:22 pm
8 - Stay Tuned Quartet On Stage: 5:33 pm
9 - Baritone Blues Quartet On Stage: 6:28 pm
10- Fast Forward Quartet On Stage: 6:39 pm
11 - Daybreak Quartet On Stage: 6:50 pm
12 - Ring True Quartet On Stage: 7:01 pm
13 - Dream Quartet On Stage: 7:12 pm
14 - Note to Self Quartet On Stage: 7:23 pm
15 - Power Chords Quartet On Stage: 7:34 pm
Outgoing Champions
Encore Club & Quartet Callback
International Awards Presentation
Regional Awards Presentation
Closing Song - How We Sang Today


Chorus Competition Times: Saturday, May 13th

Emcee starts at  11:55 am

1A - Greater Harmony On Stage: 12:05 pm
1 - Pride of Toledo On Stage: 12:17 pm
2 - Mid-Lakes On Stage: 12:29 pm
3 - City of Flags On Stage: 12:41 pm
4 - Lake Ridge Legacy On Stage: 12:53 pm
5 - Greater Cleveland On Stage: 1:05 pm
6 - River Raisin On Stage: 1:17 pm
7 - Indi-Anna On Stage: 2:10 pm
8 - Grand Rapids On Stage: 2:21 pm
9 - Sounds of Pittsburgh On Stage: 2:32 pm
10 - Voices in Harmony On Stage: 2:43 pm
11 - A Cappella Magic On Stage: 2:54 pm
12 - Battle Creek On Stage: 3:05 PM
Buffalo Gateway - Outgoing Champions
Director/Pres Intro
International Awards
Regional Awards
Closing Song: It's the Music That Brings Us Together

The chorus contest will have a 30 minute intermission from approximately 1:40-2:21pm. After the last contestant, there will be a short stretch break followed by a performance from the outgoing champions and the announcement of the awards.

Our Webcasters

Our quartet webcasters are well known to members of Region 17. 

Diane Porsch

Diane Porsch, Certified Visual Communication Category Judge Specialist and International Faculty has been a member of Sweet Adelines International since January 1975.

Diane has enjoyed nearly 50 years of musical leadership in Sweet Adelines having served as Master Director of The Fox Valley Chorus from 1975-1985, Riverport Chorus from 1985-1999 and currently the Buffalo Gateway Chorus from 1999 to present. In addition to directing championship Sweet Adeline choruses, Diane served as the front line director of The East Aurora Friends of Harmony BHS Chorus from 1999 to 2006.

In her work with Sweet Adelines, Diane has achieved many honors: In addition to her judging and faculty duties, she has served as Moderator of the International Faculty Coordinators, IES chair in 2003 and co-chair of the 2009 Side-By-Side directors' seminar. She also served on the International Board of Directors, Education Direction Committee, many International-level task forces and committees and on several leadership positions in Region 16. She currently serves as faculty, RMT member and Director Coordinator in our very own Region 17.

Diane's busy schedule is a breathless but fun existence as she spends most of her weekends teaching and coaching whenever possible. She is especially thrilled to be a part of Region 17 as the front-line director of our 2022 Region 17 champion Buffalo Gateway Chorus and as a part of the webcast team for the 2023 Region 17 Quartet Contest!

Please welcome Diane Porsch.

Deb Ferenc

Deb Ferenc has been with Sweet Adelines since 1994 and been active in the organization both musically and administratively.  She has been a member of the award-winning, Greater Cleveland Chorus for 29 years and spent 9 years as a dual member of the Scioto Valley Chorus, Region.  She also spent a season as a dual member with Region 17’s Flagship City Show Chorus.  

She has been active singing in several medalist quartets through her 29 years as a Sweet Adeline. 4U, XS and TGIF.  As a Regional Quartet Champion with TGIF in 2007 and 2011, she traveled to the International Stage in Las Vegas, Calgary and Houston. 

In addition to holding every position at the chapter level, Deb has served on the Regional Board of Directors, the Regional Management Team (RMT), and continues to serve for 28 years on the Convention Committee.

She also served two consecutive terms on the International Membership Committee. She remains active on the International level having served on the Visioning Retreat Task Force, the Chorus Growth Incentive Program Task Force, the Chorus Toolkit subcommittee Chair, the International Nominating Committee and currently serving on the International Philanthropy Committee.

Please welcome Deb Ferenc.

Amy Ringley

Amy Ringley

A  Sweet Adeline for 27 years, Amy is a member of The Greater Cleveland Chorus/Region 17, and was most recently a 12-year Dual Member with International medalists, Scioto Valley Chorus/Region 4.

Having served on Chapter Music and Regional Quartet Promotion Teams, Amy has acted as Secretary and Co-Director for the Encore Club of Region 17, and holds the status of “Approved Director” in the SA International Director Certification Program.  

Amy truly enjoys meeting members of the Region while conducting PVI’s (Private Vocal Instruction) and coaching new Quartets. Often heard announcing Quartet Competitors during the official Region 17 contest, Amy is  a "nine-time" Quartet Champion representing Region 17 at Sweet Adeline International  Conventions as the Lead of  Park AvenueSundanceB.L.A.K. Velvet, and Naturally.  

In her professional life, Amy has spent over 30 years as a Nationally Certified Activity Director; providing therapeutic programs to older adults coping with cognitive impairments and Alzheimer’s disease.

Amy and her husband “Timman” reside in Massillon, Ohio with their 9 year old Golden Labrador, "Ellie".

Please welcome Amy Ringley.

Ruth Bates

Ruth Bates has been a Sweet Adeline since 2010 when she joined the Lake Ridge Chapter.  She has been a member of Pride of Toledo and is currently an associate member of Greater Cleveland Chorus.  She had been in 3 quartets ; Masquerade, .calm and currently Ruth is the lead of Region 17’s 2022 champion quartet Dream!

Ruth moved to Orlando, Florida in 2020 and currently  is a member of Spirit of the Gulf and Sound of Sunshine Chorus

Singing on the International stage with Dream in Phoenix is  her favorite Sweet Adeline memory to date! In Phoenix she also earned a 5th place International medal with Spirit of the Gulf.  Dreams really do come true!

Ruth  has been involved in Sweet Adelines both musically and administratively, serving as chorus President, membership and marketing coordinator , section leader and music teams.   Ruth  served on Region 17’s Regional Management Team for 10 years.. She is a past Membership  Coordinator and Marketing coordinator  and as  she says quite often,  she had the privilege and honor of serving on the Regional Governance Pilot Program as one of 3 leaders in the role of Membership Director.

She can’t imagine her life without Sweet Adelines, all the places she has traveled, all the people she has met  and all the wonderful friends that became  family!

Please welcome Ruth Bates.

Jean Flinn

Jean Flinn, Certified Music Arranger, has been a member of Sweet Adelines International since April of 1974. She grew up in a barbershop home and arranged her first song when she was in 8th grade. When she was in 3rd grade, she started singing lead with three 6th grade girls. This quartet sang together and performed on area shows for six years.

Jean has been a musical leader in Sweet Adelines for 42 years. She directed the Chippewa Valley Chorus and the Cuyahoga Valley Chorus in Region 17. After serving as the Master Director of the Greater Cleveland Chorus for the past 26 years, she retired from directing in 2020. The Greater Cleveland Chorus earned 9 Regional Championships under her direction and placed third in the 2018 AA Harmony Classic.

Jean continues to be active in Sweet Adelines at the regional level. She is a member of the Educational Steering Committee in Region 17 and on the Regional Faculty for both Regions 17 and 9 where she teaches classes in Music Theory, Arranging, and Finale Music Software. She continues to coach choruses and quartets in both regions. She has taught several Virtual Classes on Zoom to students throughout the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. 

At the International level, Jean is also very active in the new Arranger Certification Program (ACP). She was selected, along with Certified Music Arranger Judy Vidal, to lead the first ACP Intermediate Cohort Group. Together, they have been mentoring 2 groups of 5 arrangers. They will be starting their 3rd Cohort Group this summer.        

After retiring from teaching Elementary Music, Jean moved to Florida. She, along with her two daughters, is a member of the Sound of Sunshine Chorus in Orlando, FL (Region 9), where she is currently the Associate Director. She is also a Lifetime Member of the Greater Cleveland Chorus in Region 17. 

Please welcome Jean Flinn..


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