Sublime - 2022 Region 17 3rd Place Quartet

Grand Rapids,Fenton Lakes,Melodeers,Motor City Blend,River Bend
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Sublime began singing together for fun in 2015. We said "let's learn a song together and see what happens". Well, we loved how it sounded, so we decided to take the plunge and learn a bunch more. 

We belong to 4 different chorus in 3 regions - Fenton Lakes Chorus and Motor City Blend Chorus in Region 2, Grand Rapids Chorus in Region 17 and Melodeers Chorus in Region 3.

Tenor Rachel Lundberg joined Sublime in the summer of  2017 following the resignation of our original tenor, Melissa Gast. Rachel is a long-time Sweet Adeline and a member of Fenton Lakes Chorus in Region 2.

Lead Sherry Berkley joined Sweet Adelines in 1982 and lives in South Bend, IN. She currently is the associate director and a lead section leader of the Grand Rapids chorus, director of River Bend Chorus in South Bend, and also is a member of the Melodeers Chorus in Northfield, IL.

Baritone Emily Oppenhuizen has been a Sweet Adeline since 2007. She joined the Grand Rapids Chorus in 2015 after moving back to the area from the east side of Michigan where she was a member of the Fenton Lakes Chorus. She is currently one of the baritone section leaders.

Bass Andrea Simpson is the newest member of Sublime. She is a member of the Motor City Blend Chorus in Region 2.

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Awards and Achievements: 

2022 Region 17 3rd Place Quartet
2018 Region 17 4thPlace Quartet
2017 Region 17 5thPlace Quartet
2016 Region 17 2ndPlace Quartet


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SAI Region 17, contains parts of Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We currently have over 700 members in 22 choruses and over 30 quartets.
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