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This year's contest will be webcast, and if you'd like to send out a 'good luck' or another message to competitors or people watching from home, please enter your shout out below. The webcasters will try to include as many as possible, but we cannot guarantee all will be read or when in the contest they will be read. Please limit your shout out to under 25 words.


  • Good luck, Your City Chorus. Break a lip!
  • My City Chorus sends their love to Molly Member who is recovering from surgery
  • So and So Quartet wants to thank their coaches Barbra Streisand and Ella Fitzgerald (no relation)
  • Thanks to Region 17 leaders who made our events so much fun!

NOTE: It would help our webcasters out a lot if you can give separate shout outs for each group you are supporting. This way we can do our best to hand them messages for the groups in performance order!

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