Regional Governance Pilot Project

Region 17 is participating in the Pilot Project to "test drive" the new Regional Governance structure proposed by Sweet Adelines International. This pilot will run from May 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018. On this page you will find information about our incoming Regional Administrative, Education and Membership Directors (Regional Executive Committee) appointed by the International Leadership Specialists (ILS). This information is now available. The Appointments Advisory Committee (created by the new REC Directors) will review Regional Resource Staff applications. See details below.

Information about specific Regional Resource Staff positions and their job descriptions are linked below.

Regional Resource Staff Application -- This application is used to build our candidate pool for future position openings. You are welcome to send them to our advisory committee at any time. All Resource Staff positions are open each year and begin on May 1. The application deadline for consideration for the 2018-19 fiscal year was March 1.

Regional Governance Pilot Structure

Updated June 2018: 

Members of the Regional Executive Committee (REC) were appointed by the Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors. The REC and the Resource Positions replaced the RMT at the beginning of this fiscal year, May 1, 2017. Congratulations to our new REC!

Regional Administrative Director:
Deb Ferenc, Greater Cleveland Chorus email

Regional Administrative Resource Staff was appointed by the REC and started their positions on May 1, 2018 for year two of the pilot. The Administrative Resource Staff includes:




Communications Coordinator

Sue Moore email

Sounds of Pittsburgh 

Financial Coordinator

Karen Wharrey email

Sounds of Pittsburgh

Leadership Development Specialist 

LaDonna Thomas email 


Marketing Coordinator

Lisa Garnes email

Triana Fry (shadow) 

Voices in Harmony

Dogwood Blossoms

Regional By Laws and Rules Chair

Sandra Recker email

Grand Rapids

Regional Secretary

Kathy Fazekas email

Greater Cleveland


Regional Education Director:
JoAnn Wilson, Greater Cleveland Chorus email

Regional Education Resource Staff was appointed by the REC and started their positions on May 1, 2018. The Education Resource Staff includes:




Chair, Regional Convention

Karen Parsons email

Greater Cleveland

Chorus Director Liaison

Michael Hengelsberg email

Greater Harmony

Arranger Education Specialist 

Jean Flinn email

Greater Cleveland 

Faculty Specialist

Sherry Berkley email

Grand Rapids

General Education Specialist

Sherry Berkley

Grand Rapids

Quartet Education Specialist

Amy Ringley email

Greater Cleveland

YWIH Specialist

Emily Oppenhuizen email

Grand Rapids

Site & Facility Service  Coordinator

Cathy Dunlap email

Shannon Underwood (shadow)

City of Flags

Greater Cleveland

Event and On-Site Facility Coordinator Vicki Van Gorder email Greater Cleveland
Audio-Visual Specialist Michele Vidulich email Sounds of Pittsburgh 
Convention Coordinator Sue Heck email City of Flags

Regional Membership Director:
Ruth Bates, Pride of Toledo Chorus email

Regional Membership Resource Staff was appointed by the REC and started their positions on May 1, 2017. The Membership Resource Staff includes:




Alternate Membership Liaison

Judy Roman email 

Greater Cleveland

Chartered Chapter Liaison

Pat Galvin email

Pride of Toledo

Membership Growth, Retention and Expansion Coordinator 

Debra Pfennig email 

Grand Rapids

Prospective Chapter Coordinator

Kay Seymour email

Pride of Toledo

Revitalization Specialist

Kay Seymour

Pride of Toledo

Links go to documents outlining responsibilities and reporting structure.

Regional Administrative Director

Regional Education Director

Regional Membership Director


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