What does CAL stand for?

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January 26, 2015 - 12:22pm -- Kimberly Ackerman

Answer: Chapter At Large

So what does this mean?  Anyone can be a member of Sweet Adeline’s International!  At first chapter at large was for women that belonged to a Sweet Adeline Chorus and found that they could not make the weekly commitment to sing in a chorus, but they did not want to quit the organization.  These women were able to stay members of Sweet Adeline’s by paying International yearly dues.  This enabled the singer to take a break due to other life commitments.  At any time the singer can rejoin a chorus.  At this time the singer would go back paying her monthly dues that would cover chorus, regional and international dues.  Depending on how long the singer is considered Chapter-At –Large and the time of year that she rejoins a chorus will depend on what dues will be expected upon membership.  Your chapter treasurer will be able to help with any monetary questions.  Depending on the chapter bylaws and at the discretion of the director you may need to meet the same qualifications as you did when you first became a member of a Sweet Adeline Chorus.

Recently the qualifications for Chapter-At-Large have changed.  Now, any women can join Sweet Adeline’s International by applying on-line and paying their yearly International dues.  They will receive a membership card and this qualifies them to receive communication from International and have the benefits of membership.  Chapter-At-Large members may compete in a quartet and attend Sweet Adeline functions.  The only difference is that they pay regional and international dues and are not associated with a chorus. 

We all have the bug to sing four part harmony, but sometimes life interferes with our hobby!

Chapter-At-Large allows all women to become a member of this great singing organization!

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