Lynne Erskine Peirce


Specialty: Chorus and quartet coaching in all judging categories in both SAI and BHS competitions
Visual program creation and coaching for both choruses and quartets
Full day and weekend retreats focusing on creative learning and growth
Team building; strategic planning for choruses
Interest-Based Problem Solving (certified) for choruses

Background info and experience: Certified 500 director/multiple top 5 finishes
Certified District Chorus Champion director BHS
Region 2 Quartet Champion and International competitors Accolade 1991; 1993
Region 17 Quartet Champion and International competitors Surefire 2015; 2018
Administrative Education Coordinator Regions 2 and 17
Director Coordinator Region 17, Education Coordinator Region 17

Coaching: Chorus, quartet, PVIs

Phone: 734-668-8040 (H), 734-834-1043 (C)

Email: [email protected]

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SAI Region 17, contains parts of Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We currently have over 700 members in 22 choruses and over 30 quartets.
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