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Only those awards designated by the International Organization (i.e., placements 1-5, the Small and Mid-Size Chorus Awards and Most Improved Chorus Award) may be announced or presented within the framework of the Regional Quartet and Chorus competitions.

The second-place chorus in a regional competition will be invited to compete in the international competition if the first-place chorus in the region is unable or chooses not to compete in the international competition for which it qualifies. 

THE MOST IMPROVED CHORUS AWARD is presented to the Chorus which shows the greatest increase in total points over the preceding year’s competition.  

ELIGIBILITY AND MID-SIZE AND SMALL CHORUS AWARDS – The number for determining eligibility for this award includes all performers on stage at any given time (not including the director).  The number turned in at the directors’ briefing is used by the panel secretary to determine which choruses meet the mid-size and small chorus category criteria.  The mid-size chorus has 31 to 60 performers on stage. The small chorus has 15 to 30 performers on stage. Both categories must score 400 or more points to be eligible.

ALL MUSIC MUST HAVE CLEARED THE COPYRIGHT PROCESS. Failure to use cleared arrangements may result in disqualification. International headquarters will be responsible for administering the copyright policies and procedures. Please refer all questions and/or comments to the Director of Music Services for handling. Regional personnel will not deal with copyright issues onsite.

QUARTETS AND CHORUSES COMPETING FOR EVALUATION ONLY will perform at the beginning of the competition. The emcee will announce at introduction if the competitor is performing for evaluation only.

CONTESTANT NUMBERING starts with one (1) and runs consecutively from the beginning to the end of the competition. Letters are used to designate late entries.

CHORUS DIRECTORS, PRESIDENTS, QUARTETS - Please be aware that, if withdrawal is necessary a written withdrawal notice must be received at international headquarters. A phone call is not considered official.


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