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Region 17 is using online registration for our Winter Harmony Weekend. Choruses and individuals can use this form and the results will be collected on a spreadsheet and sent to authorized members of the Education team. There is a place on the form to upload a file with the information on it if you are completing a group registration. You can use this Excel template if you wish: Blank Worksheet. You can use your credit card to send payments through our Pay Pal account after completing the form. 

The mail-in form is attached here: Printable PDF | Fillable Word

All registrations are due January 30, 2018. If you have any questions about Winter Harmony Weekend registration or housing, please contact our Facilities Coordinator Cathy Dunlap at [email protected].

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If you are registering your whole chorus at once, please attach a file (txt, doc, or xls) with your members' name, voice part and email address or email the file to Cathy Dunlap (address linked above). NOTE: You must be logged in to the website first to use this feature.

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