Official Inspection & Joint Briefing

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The Official Inspection will start at 9:30AM on Friday May 10th in the Ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel. If you plan to be part of the mic testing chorus, please arrive at 9:15 am & take the risers as we will start promptly at 9:30 am. The chorus will sing under the direction of Michael Hengelsberg. The songs used will be Lazy Day and It's the Music That Brings Us Together. Once the sound & lighting is set for the chorus, the mic testing quartet will take the stage to get the sound & lighting set for that portion of the contest. 
Chorus leaders are not required to attend the chorus mic-testing portion of the Official Inspection, however Directors can be part of the mic-testing chorus and/or may be standing on the stage during the inspection.


The Joint Briefing will start at 7:00 PM, Thursday, May 9th in the ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel.    All competing Directors & Presidents/Team leaders are expected to attend; at minimum, a responsible representative of the chorus must attend the briefing. All quartet members or at least a representative of the quartet is expected to attend.


  • Bring chapter photography order & payment.
  • Bring two completed copies of the List of Competing Members form including the first page that has the total number of competing members. This form must be signed by the Director & the President/Team Leader. Remember to include the SAI member identification number for each member on the List of Competing Members.
    • Division A: 12-30 members plus the Director.
    • Division AA: 31-60 members plus the Director. 
    • Large Chorus: 61 or more members plus the Director.
  • If competing in Open Division, open division forms must be turned in at the briefing.  

Note: A list of competing songs must be turned ONLY IF THE COMPETITOR HAS CHANGED THEIR SONGS since originally registering for competition.


  • All quartets competing in Open Division quartets will  need to turn in Open Division forms.  
  • Photography forms and payment need to be turned in at the briefing.

Note: A list of competing songs must be turned ONLY IF THE COMPETITOR HAS CHANGED THEIR SONGS since originally registering for competition.


At the end of the Joint Briefing, quartets will have the opportunity to walk on the stage. They may start a song, take a bow, start their second song, take a bow & leave the stage.  Chorus presidents/team leaders may walk across the stage and stand on the risers.


A pattern walk through will be provided at the conclusion of the briefing.  Please gather in the back of the ballroom.


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