Winter Harmony Weekend - 3 Chorus Festival 12-10-23 - Jan 26, 2024

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Jan 26 2024 - 12:00pm to Jan 28 2024 - 12:00pm
Holiday Inn Independence
6001 Rockside Rd
44131 Independence , OH
United States
Ohio US
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NEW!!! Updated 1-19-2024 WEEKEND SCHEDULE IS NOW HERE! Schedule can be found above.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Please direct questions for any registrations to Vicki VanGorder, Events Coordinator at [email protected].

This is one of our FAVORITE Harmony Weekends, this time with a special bonus: the Young Women in Harmony Butterfly Chorus!
to attend our Winter Harmony Weekend at the Holiday Inn Independence, January 26 - 28, 2024, and bring along your special 25-years-or-under guest!  
Regular attendees will be assigned to one of three Festival Choruses, directed by talented Region 17 Top Five Medalist directors, including Dr. Jay Dougherty, Michael Hengelsberg, and Beth Miller.   There you will create, rehearse and be coached on your own special (maybe even top secret?) rendition of one of our favorite Regional songs, Lazy Day! Region 17 members who do not have copies or tracks for Lazy Day may purchase them using the information below:

Butterfly Chorus attendees will perform The Locomotion under the direction of A Cappella Magic director and music educator Betsy Fowler.  Once registered, Butterfly Chorus performers will be sent the sheet music and tracks for their song. Our own Region 17 master director Diane Porsch will serve as our Festival Chorus coach for all four choruses.  
Attendees of all ages will be treated to additional educational sessions taught by our Region 17 Festival Chorus directors and coach.  
BUTTERFLY CHORUS: Age limit is 25 years old and younger - there is no lower age limit. The criteria is that our young women have to be able to learn and perform their parts prior to the weekend and the choreography which will be presented at the weekend. We will be immersing the young women in the entire Region 17 experience including education, so they will need to have some interest in learning about our craft and be able to learn alongside the rest of us.

HOUSING DEADLINE HAS PASSED. Please contact Vicki VanGorder, Events Coordinator ([email protected]) with any housing questions.

EVENT REGISTRATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED. Please contact Vicki VanGorder, Events Coordinator ([email protected]) with any registration questions.

Registration costs per person:

  • $25  if paid via Venmo or check
  • $25.73 with fees if paid via PayPal
  • $26.20 with fees if paid via Credit card


  • This year's luncheon is a "South of the Border Buffet" featuring tossed salad, taco bar with hard and soft shells, spicy ground meat, chicken fajita with peppers and onions, cilantro lime rice, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole, tortilla chips, and fried tortillas with cinnamon sugar.

Luncheon costs per person:

  • $25  if paid via Venmo or check
  • $25.73 with fees if paid via PayPal
  • $26.20 with fees if paid via Credit card

Region 17 members and quartets interested in private vocal instruction (PVIs) and/or coaching will select your faculty member of preference and contact them directly to schedule your own exclusive education! 

With a team of multi-talented faculty, Region 17 members and quartets have more opportunities and options than ever before to find the teacher or coach that will be the perfect fit for you.  Faculty members include our certified directors and Regional quartet champions.  Each and every teacher and coach is uniquely qualified and eager to serve our Region and our members.

This is how the new process works:

1. Review the list of Region 17 faculty at and select a few options.
2. Grab the Harmony Weekend schedule and select a few times you would prefer to schedule your PVI or coaching session.
3. Contact the faculty via email to learn their availability, schedule and fees.
4. Email back and forth a few times to agree upon a time and place.
5. Eagerly anticipate your upcoming exclusive education!

Want to know more about our Regional faculty or put a face to a name? Visit our Regional Coaches & Faculty section at This section includes pictures, bios, specialties, contact information and fees.  Whether you are looking for education at a Harmony Weekend or a coach for your quartet or chorus, this will be an amazing resource for everyone. 

Program finalized: 

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