Regional Management Team for 2021-2022

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April 30, 2021 - 9:34pm -- Sherry Berkley

Communications Coordinator: Sherry Berkley (Grand Rapids, River Bend)
Directors Coordinator: Diane Porsch (Buffalo Gateway)
Education Coordinator: JoAnn Wilson (Greater Cleveland)
Events Coordinator: Vicki VanGorder (Greater Cleveland)
Finance Coordinator: Marilyn VanFossan
Marketing Coordinator: Stephanie Doerner (Greater Cleveland)
Membership Coordinator: Ruth Bates (Pride of Toledo, Greater Cleveland)
Team Coordinator: Deb Ferenc (Greater Cleveland)
Associate Member - RMT Secretary: Kathy Fazekas (Greater Cleveland)
Associate Member - Facility Events Coordinator: Shannon Underwood (Greater Cleveland)
Associate Member - Pam Dickinson (Greater Cleveland)
For more information about your management team members, visit the RMT page.


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