Region 17 is Well Represented in St. Louis

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June 20, 2018 - 9:38am -- Anonymous (not verified)

Region 17 is so excited to have TWO choruses and THREE quartets representing our region at this year's big event! Watch this space for more details closer to the event. We will post the webcast link and on stage times when they become available.

Tuesday, October 16 Harmony Classic
Greater Cleveland Chorus
Our region's 1st place chorus chose to compete in this year's Harmony Classic AA Invitational. The top five mid-sized choruses in Sweet Adelines are eligible to compete in this competition. Order of Appearance: Competitor #5 AA

Wednesday, October 17 Quartet Semifinals
Wicked, Surfire & Intrinsic Quartets

Our top THREE quartets were eligible to compete in this year's quartet competition! Our winners, Wicked, will be joined with our high-scoring second and third place quartets, Surefire & Intrinsic.

Order of Appearance: #4 Surefire

Order of Appearance: #9 Intrinsic

Order of Appearance: #15 Wicked

Thursday, October 18 Chorus Semifinals
Greater Harmony Chorus

This is the 'big' contest including 34 of the highest-scoring choruses of any size in the organization and it will be Greater Harmony's debut on the International stage.

Order of Appearance: #10 Greater Harmony Chorus


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